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Suffering from Abnormal Uterine Bleeding?

For most women, a menstrual period lasts from three to five days and occurs in cycles ranging from 21 days to 35 days apart. AUB is irregular vaginal bleeding that occurs apart from normal menstrual periods. It includes bleeding between periods, having a heavy menstrual flow for more days than normal, bleeding after sex, and bleeding after menopause.

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AUB has many possible causes, including:

  • Endometrial polyps, a growth that attaches to the inner lining of the uterus
  • Adenmyosis, a condition in which tissue grows on the muscle wall of the uterus
  • Neoplasia, which is abnormal tissue growth
  • Fibroids and blood clotting disorders

In more serious cases, AUB may be caused by a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy (when an embryo grows outside the uterus), or uterine, cervical or vaginal cancer. If you have abnormal bleeding at any point during your menstrual cycle, it may be time to see a doctor. Treatment options are available ranging from hormone therapy to minimally invasive surgery.

Esters Story

Watch Ester's Story at Winnie Palmer

Ester's heavy bleeding problem was preventing her from living life to the fullest. After having a minimally-invasive hysterectomy at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, she was back on her feet and doing the things that she loves.

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