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Choosing a Health Care Provider for Your Baby

Choosing a Health Care Provider for Your Baby

You welcomed your baby into the world with warmth and love, and you entrusted the nurses and doctors at Winnie Palmer Hospital to care for your baby in those first few days of life. Now you’re settled in at home with baby, but it doesn’t mean you’re on your own! The right health care provider can be your partner in taking care of your child’s health.

Now’s the time to find a provider for your child (if you haven’t already) and schedule well-baby visits to ensure your baby’s health and immunizations are on track.

Family Practitioner or Pediatrician?

Should you choose a family practice doctor or a pediatrician? Before making the decision, it’s important to know the difference between these two types of health care providers:

A family practitioner sees children and adults with common medical issues. Family practitioners may be doctors, PAs or NPs. They provide preventive care, treat common medical conditions and make referrals to specialists when necessary. A family practitioner can care for the whole family, including mom, dad, baby, grandma and grandpa!

A pediatrician is a doctor who has completed a pediatric residency and is board certified or board eligible in this discipline. Pediatricians care for newborns, infants, children and adolescents. Because they specialize in treating children, pediatricians tend to have a kid-friendly approach to care.

Building a Good Relationship

Doing your “homework” to find a health care provider (or team of providers) can help you find someone who can work with you and support you as a parent. Visit the office and ask questions about what matters most to you:

  • Does the health care provider have specialties or special interests?
  • Is the clinic and/or health provider included in your insurance plan network of providers?
  • How does your child respond to the health care provider?
  • Does the health care provider take time to answer your questions or address your concerns?
  • Is the office staff helpful?
  • Is the waiting room kid-friendly?
  • Are the office hours convenient?
  • Does the approach to health care match your expectations?

Start Your Search

Check out Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and click on Find a Physician. We can help you find the right match!