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Get Fit With Your Baby

Get Fit With Your Baby

Babies are naturally active. They investigate, babble and play non-stop. Their precocious nature is part of what's enjoyable about child-rearing — there's seldom a dull moment. And as a parent, encouraging your child to be active will help him or her lead a healthier and happier life. That's why it's important to introduce your child to activity early on. Sharing these experiences will foster your child's interest in being active. The trick is to find something you and your child both enjoy and can do often. Here are some ways you and your little one can spend some quality active time together:

Walk it out

Putting your baby in a stroller and going for a walk won't help your child burn calories, but it will help you both enjoy the fresh air, and sights and sounds. These early encounters with the outdoors expose your child to new experiences that encourage curiosity and movement — putting him or her on a path to a healthy lifestyle.

Dance it up

Cutting a rug isn't for everyone, but swaying and moving with your baby introduces him or her to the rhythm of music while providing exercise. If you play songs your baby already enjoys, it won't take much to get you both grooving.

Go for a ride

Slower than a car ride, but much more involved, a bike ride to the park or with no destination at all, let's your baby experience how it feels to glide and the sensation of the wind on his or face. You can choose from many different types of pull-behind or bike-mounted seats, making it easy to pick the right fit for you and your baby. Try your local bike shop or look online for safe and affordable options.

Play hard

There's no more universal way to encourage your child to move than playing with him or her. Invite fun into your daily routine —whether it's hide-and-seek in the living room or racing down the slide at the playground, combining laughter with activity will have a lasting, positive impact on your child. Plus, being more active during play time, helps your child nod off more easily at nap time. It's a win-win.

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