Caring for Baby

Practicing Fine Motor Control

Practicing Fine Motor Control

Baby is busier than ever learning to coordinate hands and fingers and toes! She is learning to pick up and manipulate objects. Baby may clap, point and make lots sounds to express feelings, or start waving bye-bye.

Babies grow and develop at their own pace, and you should ask your child’s doctor if you have questions or concerns.

10 Month Milestones

Look what I can do …

  • Pick things up with a pincer grasp
  • Put objects into a container
  • Clap
  • Wave bye-bye
  • Make a lot of word-like sounds

How You Can Help

  1. Play pat-a-cake. Clapping games like “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake” are fun to play and baby will love imitating your actions. You can also just say the word “clap” and show baby how you clap your hands together, one, two, three!
  2. Explore a cupboard or drawer. Childproofing is critical at this stage, but it can be frustrating for baby with so many interesting places off-limits. Designate a cupboard or drawer that’s the right height for baby to access, and let him know that it’s OK to play there. Fill the spot with containers and lids or other baby-safe items.
  3. Play with shapes. Blocks, balls or toys in different shapes are fun to stack and sort. Baby may be able to pick up toys and put them into a shoebox or container, dump out the container, and start over again.
  4. Give baby O-shaped cereal on a tray. Instead of grabbing fistfuls of cereal, your baby may be able to pick up one piece between her thumb and forefinger. Let her practice feeding herself (only offer foods that are safe for baby and monitor baby while eating).

Keep a List of Questions

You may wonder: How many hours should my child be napping and sleeping? What foods should I feed her? How can I help him cope with separation anxiety? Keep a list of questions for your child’s next checkup.