For the health and safety of our patients, Orlando Health is monitoring COVID-19 closely. At this time, the Endometriosis Seminar scheduled for Saturday, March 28, has been canceled. If you wish to receive updates on future seminar dates, please fill out the form below.

Endometriosis Seminar


Life shouldn’t stop when you get your period… but what if it does?  

Get help controlling your painful periods and pelvic pain. Join us for Orlando’s first Endometriosis Seminar specifically designed for adolescents, young adult women, and parents of girls under 18.

Date & Time

March 28, 2020­
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Lunch provided.


Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies
83 W Miller St, Orlando, FL 32806
Conference Room 1

If you have questions like:

  • Is my period normal?
  • Should my period be so painful?
  • Why do I have pain when I don’t have my period?
  • What is endometriosis? How do I know if I have it?
  • How do I handle my really heavy bleeding? Again!
  • How do my friends get through their periods so easily?
  • Am I the only who has to miss school/work just because of my period?
  • My daughter suffers every month, should I take her to the doctor?
  • What do I tell my coach? My teacher? My dance instructor?
  • What tests are needed to find out what is wrong?
  • Which medicines/treatments are the safest and most effective for young women?

You are not alone!

This FREE Endometriosis Seminar will include workshops, focus groups and breakout sessions by age group. By the end of the seminar, you will have an understanding of endometriosis and the treatment options available.


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The Endometriosis Seminar is free for young women and up to two guests.