Excision or Marsipulization of Bartholins Gland Cysts

Bartholin’s Glands are located just inside the vagina at the 5 and 7 o’ clock positions. These glands may become blocked resulting in fluid build up under the vaginal and labial skin. Patients with a bartholin’s gland cyst complain of pain, discomfort with sitting, walking, intercourse, and if it becomes infected fever. One may also discover drainage of the cyst. Conservative measures such as warm tub soaks may help the cyst to break on its own. However for patients who have recurrent cysts or abscesses an excision procedure may be indicated to remove the entire gland or a marsipulization procedure may be required to secure the an opening to the gland with suture material (stitches) to prevent further blockage. Drainage of the cyst can be done in the office with minimal local anesthesia. However marsipulization or excision requires intravenous anesthesia and the procedure will be performed in the operating room.