LEEP Loop Electrode Excisional Procedure

A LEEP procedure is indicated once moderate to high grade dysplasia (abnormal cells) are confirmed after colposcopic examination.  The procedure is both diagnostic (helps to ensure abnormal cells diagnosed are not more worrisome than reported after colposcopic biopsies) and therapeutic (removes the abnormal cells preventing further growth).  A loop connected to an electrical generator is used to remove the area on the cervix where the abnormal cells were identified.  The Loop gets very hot and is only used to remove a very superficial layer of the cervical tissue/skin.  The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes.  You will be placed in the same position as you are during a pap smear, another colposcopy is typically performed prior to removing the cells to better identify the area of concern.  The procedure is typically performed in the office but may also be performed in the operating room.  You will go home the same day.  If being performed in the office, only local anesthetic injected into the cervix will be used.  You should abstain from placing anything in the vagina or intercourse for at least three days prior to the procedure and for up to four weeks after the procedure.  If you start your period prior to the procedure, it should be rescheduled.