Education for Expectant Moms and New Parents

At Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, we’re proud to provide a wide variety of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting classes for women and families in our community. There are two ways to register for the classes listed below. 

  • Click here for a list of class links providing schedule information and the ability to register online using Paypal.

  • Call 321.8HEALTH (321.843.2584) to register with your payment over the phone.

Childbirth Classes

  • Baby Inside You – Specifically designed for a woman's second trimester, this class will cover topics such as relaxation techniques, preterm labor recognition, sexuality during pregnancy, planning for birth, nutrition and exercise, and infant care.

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Class – Learn the benefits of breastfeeding, how breast milk is made, helpful breastfeeding techniques, how to know your baby is getting enough milk, prevention and treatment of common breastfeeding problems, and the pumping, collecting and storing of breast milk.

  • Prenatal Yoga – This gentle yoga class will stretch your body, increase breathing and help with relaxation. Perfect for expecting moms, postpartum moms, those trying to conceive, and even women who need a gentle, welcoming class to introduce them to yoga. Designed with the pregnant woman in mind, this class excludes deep twisting and core-focused movements.

  • Preparation for Birth – This class provides the expectant mother and her labor partner with a basic understanding of the birth process using the Lamaze technique. A certified instructor will share information about the labor and birth process, labor options, pain relief, Cesarean birth and postpartum recovery.

  • Preparing for a Healthy Baby – This class is designed for women planning a pregnancy or in the early weeks of pregnancy. Topics of discussion include pregnancy and wellness, protecting your unborn child, and coping with the physical discomforts of early pregnancy.  

Parenting Classes

  • Basic Infant Care – This course will cover holding your baby, taking a temperature, crying and soothing, bathing, cord care, circumcision care, sleep, avoiding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, diapering and diaper rashes, formula feeding and burping. 

  • Mother-Baby T.E.A. Class (T.L.C., Education, Answers) – This class was created to meet the unique needs of mothers with babies from just a few days old up to eight weeks of age. Childbirth educators and nurses will provide information and answer questions about infant care, breastfeeding, ways to comfort your baby and taking care of yourself. Please call 321.843.2229 for the next available date and to register.  

  • Bootcamp for New Dads – This class is designed exclusively for dads-to-be and new dads. Learn how to hold your baby, care for mom before, during and after birth, change a diaper, calm a crying baby, and get ready for baby without breaking the bank.

  • Parents Night – Join a pediatrician for discussions on issues that concern every parent, including infant screening, jaundice, colic, fever, immunizations and when to call the doctor. There will also be a pediatric dentist to discuss dental care, pacifiers, thumb-sucking and fluoride.

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Childbirth and Parenting Classes

We offer a variety of classes to get you prepared for you new life chapter. View class schedules and register for a class.