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If your baby is diagnosed with CDH, they will need surgery to move the intestines back into the belly and repair the hole in the diaphragm. Although surgery will correct your baby’s CDH, it is important to know that it will not cure their breathing problems. Breathing problems are a result of the baby’s smaller lung size, which can cause pulmonary hypertension (condition that causes increased pressure in the arteries of the lungs).


The main goal of treatment directly after birth is to support breathing (bringing oxygen into the body and getting rid of carbon dioxide) without causing permanent and severe damage to the lungs. Below are treatments we offer for CDH.

Follow-Up Care After Surgery

After your baby is treated for CDH and discharged home from Orlando Health Winnie Palmer, our team will continue to offer support for your family. Keeping your baby as healthy as possible is our ongoing goal. You will have access to our follow-up clinic with support from the following pediatric specialties: