What to Expect

Having a Baby

Having a baby is an amazing time in a woman’s life. Life is changing quickly and there are so many new things to remember. We are here to help you every step of the way. Our videos have been designed to give you the information you need at each stage of your pregnancy. 

Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies wants you to have the best childbirth experience possible. Download and customize your free birth plan to let us know what your preferences are during your labor, delivery and post-partum care.

Where to Park

Free parking is available in the parking garage across the street from Winnie Palmer Hospital on Miller Street. A garage attendant is on staff 24 hours a day and can provide an extended-stay parking pass if you need one. Valet parking is also available for a nominal fee at the front entrance of the hospital. Be sure to bring only what you need for the first part of your birthing journey, and leave other items in the car until you are ready for them. Refer to our packing list for guidance. If you are in active labor and walking is difficult, your driver may also pull into the valet loop and request a wheel chair and park the car once you are checked in.

What to Bring at Check-In

What to Leave in the Car for Later

You won't need the items listed below until you reach the Mother & Baby Unit. Do not bring them at check-in; please keep them in your car to have your support person bring them to you once you are recovering in the Mother & Baby Unit.

For mom:

For baby:

Where to Check In

Check in at the Labor & Delivery Triage area, located at the hospital's Miller Street entrance. All expectant patients are evaluated in the Labor & Delivery Triage area; women in labor or having problems are evaluated first. An expectant mother is allowed to have one support person accompany her to the triage area. We make this request to ensure the comfort and privacy of all our patients who receive care in this area. If you are transferred to the 2nd floor Labor & Delivery Unit, you will be allowed to have additional visitors at that time.

Check-in location varies depending on the type of birth you have.

What to Expect After Delivery

Mother Child 1 

Your beautiful baby is here, and the hardest part is over! Now what? Immediately after birth, you'll have time for skin-to-skin cuddling with your baby if there were no complications with the delivery.

When you move to your private mother/baby suite, our team will assess your baby at your bedside. All newborn care including bathing will be done in your suite throughout your stay. During your stay after your baby’s birth, you can expect:

Going Home

New babies and birth mothers are usually discharged 24-48 hours after a vaginal delivery and 48-72 hours after a cesarean delivery. Before you leave, a nurse will go over your discharge instructions. You'll receive information about follow-up care for you and your baby, along with resources or help you may need or questions you may have when you're home. 

You'll also talk with a clerk from the birth certificate office before you leave the hospital. Before heading home, you will need to have:

Once you’re back home and settled, check out our parenting classes to gain some valuable support and education